Terms & Conditions

My Super Assist complies with Australian Consumer Law. Below is some further information on what this means.

When purchasing goods and services from a business, consumers are provided with automatic guarantees and rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The ACL states that services must be provided with acceptable care, skill, and technical knowledge (this pertains to information and is not to be construed as advice) and give the results that the consumer and the business have agreed on.These guarantees and rights provided by the ACL are known as ‘Consumer Guarantees’.

A Consumer Guarantee is an automatic right given to consumers buying a product or service. By exchanging money for the product/service, consumers are entitled to a product/service that is safe and without fault, that looks acceptable and performs as expected. If the product/service does not, consumers have a right to a refund.

My Super Assist will provide the Service:

  • With acceptable care and skill or technical knowledge (this pertains to information and is not to be construed as advice)
  • Which is fit for purpose or give the results that you and the business had agreed to
  • Which is delivered within a reasonable time.
  • Will only utilise the information provided by the Applicant to complete the application.

Upon making the initial payment ($199) this signals a legally binding agreement between you (the Applicant) and us (My Super Assist). No refunds will be provided after this point.

The only exception to the above is if the ATO does not approve the Early Release of Superannuation on Compassionate Grounds and in this situation the amount paid will be refunded.

My Super Assist performs an administrative function only, this entails:

  • assisting the Applicant to understand what is required to complete the application for Early Release of Superannuation on Compassionate Grounds;
  • Completing the lodgement of the application (once authorised by the Applicant)
  • Providing updates throughout the process

The fee for the Service displayed on the Website is subject to change without notice. Once an agreement has been entered into between the Applicant and My Super Assist the fee will not change.

The links we may provide to other websites are purely for ease of reference and these may not remain current or be accessible in the future. My Super Assist is not responsible for any content or privacy practises aligned with these websites.

My Super Assist provides the Applicant with the option to pay an initial amount on entering into the Service agreement followed by a second and final payment once ATO approval is received.

Payment can also be made in full.

Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. The Applicant should contact My Super Assist if the direct debit option is preferred.

Please refer the My Super Assist Privacy Policy.

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