Early Release of Super for Dental Services

It is possible to apply for release of your super to pay for certain dental expenses for you and eligible family members as defined in the relevant superannuation legislation.

The application for accessing your super is made on the basis of requesting an Early Release of Super on Compassionate Grounds. My Super Assist can help you with the application process.

My Super Assist takes the stress and emotion out of making an application to the Australian Taxation Office. The My Super Assist team will support you through each step.

“My Super Assist made it easy to understand what was required to support my application.”

Margaret See, Community Manager

We’re with you every step of the way

We will give you a clearer understanding of the whole process, so you can have the confidence when we submit your final application.
Expert guidance
Accessing your super early is not simple and you are required to provide evidence of why you need to do so. Our experts will guide you on gathering your evidence and help you with the application process.
Dedicated Support
It’s nice to know that someone will be there to look out for you. Let experts guide you through the process.

What makes us different?

We make it Simple

Applying for the Early Release of Super is complicated, but we can make the process a simple one.

Save you time

We process applications everyday, we can save you valuable time and take the guesswork out of your application.

Talk to an expert

Our Expert team are able to support you to ensure the best possible outcome in every situation

Ask us anything

We will guide you through every step to assist you in lodging your application.

Risk Free

You have nothing to lose should you be unsuccessful with your application. We will provide you with a complete 100% refund.

High success rate

Join the thousands of people who have successfully accessed their super early.

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